I am currently actively involved in and seeking investment opportunities with Small to Medium Enterprises in the UK, USA, Canada or Europe.

Generally speaking, the business will have a turnover of 2 - 20 million £ / $ (USD / CAD) / € and may be solvent or distressed. It should also have an established team in place.

I am particularly interested in Applied Sciences & TICC industries where business models focus on Testing; Inspection; Certification; Compliance; Investigation; Surveying; Appraisal / Valuation; Evaluation; Analysis & Assessment; Calibration & Measurement.

As well, through Equity Firm partners there is also an interest in:

Marketing;  Technology & MSP’s; SAAS providers; Oil & Gas; Manufacturing; Staffing & Training; Medical; Logistics & Distribution; FinTech & Financial Services; Professional Services

Please feel free to contact me regardless of whether your opportunity matches or is outside of these guidelines financially, operationally or geographically. I have an extensive network of associates who may be a fit, so please connect to discuss further.

What I Do

Acquire & Rollup

Acquiring and merging multiple companies in the same industry. Through consolidation creating growth by combing their resources, optimizing operational costs and increasing revenues to unlock the full potential of the businesses I acquire by empowering the people within.

Protect Owners & Legacy

Eventually, the time comes to exit for a myriad of reasons including retirement, personal circumstances, other opportunities or maybe things are just not working out as expected. When you reach that point, I can be a safe pair of hands you can trust to respect your work, staff, and concerns holistically.

Growth & Transformation

SME entrepreneurs are the driving force behind our economy, innovation, and progress. I work alongside entrepreneurs to prepare, grow, and scale their company so we can achieve a premium valuation from a strategic buyer.

Access Public Markets

I work with debt-free mid-market companies to accelerate their business by way of a reverse merger into an already listed public company. Using a time and cost-efficient process, we gain access to capital markets, consolidated balance sheet strength and the stature to target larger clients while maintaining independence and control of operations.

About Me

I am an innovative and adaptable individual with a global mindset. Engaged in extensive international collaboration, a unique and valuable skillset to drive critical thinking and manage strategically has been developed over my 25+ year career.

My experience spans a wide range of industries including; I.T, fintech, digital media, e-commerce, real estate, health care, investment management, and international finance.

I am a Chartered Banker and Member of the Chartered Bankers Institute of Scotland; a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and member of ACAMS; hold certifications in Bank Financial Management from the ABA and earlier in my career held Microsoft Certified System Engineer status.

I have spent significant time living and working from many countries around the world which ingrained an instinctive appreciation for cross-cultural differences, the ability to manage geographically dispersed teams, overcome language challenges and ensure the smooth operation of business affairs globally.

Industry Experience

Business Management - 20 Years

Offshore Finance - 12 Years

Information Technology - 25 Years

Real Estate - 10 Years

Words to Live By

Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.

Albert Einstein

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

Warren Buffet


Executive Profile

Work Highlights

QQMA Group Limited

Co-Founder / Investor

GreenRock Securities Limited


2019 - 2020
Black House Private Equity


2012 -2018
WorldWide IRA



The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland

Charted Banker

Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland.

American Bankers Association

Bank Financial Management Diploma

Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists

Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist

Member of the Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists.

1995 - 2000

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Core Values

  • Competence
  • Health
  • Effectiveness
  • Accuracy
  • Achievement
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Learning
  • Self-Respect
  • Self-Control

International Experience

Currently Based In

UK - Newcastle upon Tyne

Lived In

Canada (born / citizen), Hungary (citizen), Malta, Germany

Worked In

USA, Mexico, Argentina, Panama

Traveled to

Many countries around the EU, Andorra, Multiple Caribbean Islands, Egypt, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Brazil and more.

Unique Skill Set

  • SME Mergers and Acquisitions

    Deal Structuring, Financial Engineering, Growth Acceleration, Distressed Turnaround

  • International Finance

    Offshore Banking, Investment Management, Debt Instruments, Self Directed IRA Structures

  • Business Systematization and Operations

  • Website Development

    SEO, Web Technologies and Hosting

  • Real Estate

    Asset Management and Operations

  • Marketing

    Strategy, Competitive Planning, Brand Development

  • Trouble Shooting and Disaster Recovery

    General Business, I.T.

Personal Notes

  • English - Native (Canadian)
  • Hungarian - Conversational
  • Married, 1 Step Daughter, 1 Dog
  • Competitive Swimmer - Canadian Youth National Team
  • Myers-Briggs Type: INTJ


Get in Touch

+44 0191 2452844

NewCastle Upon Tyne, UK

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